Our Story

Our family has lived and farmed on the Romney Marsh since 1882 and with over 130 years of experience we are extremely passionate about farming. Farming is in our blood and as my husband (Paul) once told me ‘to be a farmer is a way of life, it’s a responsibility to maintain as well as improve a sustainable landscape for future generations to benefit from’.

We are so very fortunate to live and work on this ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ known as the Romney Marsh, with its diversity of habitats, extensive coastline and rich history. Today we farm across just over 3,000 acres across the Romney Marsh growing crops as well as keeping a small suckler herd of cattle and keep circa 1,000 indigenous Romney ewes, also known as ‘Kentish Sheep’ who graze on our clover rich pastures.

Romney Marsh Wools was founded in 2008 by my husband Paul and myself through a firm belief that we wanted to raise awareness of all the benefits that wool can bring. Wool being natural has so many excellent qualities as it is renewable, sustainable and incredible versatile. Our range is created from our home-grown fleeces, from which we carefully hand pick those of highest quality, have them hand-processed by our UK weavers and collaborate with local craftsmen to make our extensive range which you can enjoy whilst staying in our Shepherds Huts.

Our family are delighted to be able to share the landscape we manage within this peaceful countryside which is a paradise for walkerscyclists, and explorers of historic towns, quaint villages, ancient churches and wildlife.